Bangkok, August 20th – After three days of intense competitions, the inaugural “1st Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship” successfully concluded today in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Gordon Tang, Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia and President of the Asian Mixed Martial Arts Association (AMMA), along with distinguished guests from various countries and regions, attended the closing ceremony.

89 athletes from 17 countries and regions across Asia participated in 17 modern and traditional weight categories. The athletes showcased exceptional skills and unwavering determination, bringing glory to their countries/regions and entertaining the more than 1000-person audience with exciting and intense matches.

At the closing ceremony, Mr. Gordon Tang extended his warm congratulations to the participants. He emphasized that “The Olympic Spirit has always embodied humanity’s pursuit of peace, unity, and progress. This championship goes beyond intense competitions to building lifelong friendships and collaboration across countries.

He added that “The scenes of athletes from different countries and backgrounds showing mutual respect and interacting with each other during this competition exemplified the true essence of sportsmanship. This spirit is a cornerstone of the inaugural Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship. Looking ahead, AMMA will continue to expand the development of mixed martial arts and its communities in Asia, making it a more exciting, fair, and humane sporting endeavor, encompassing the beauty and charm of mixed martial arts.“

In 2022, AMMA was established in Singapore to promote and develop mixed martial arts activities across Asia. It is the sole pan-Asian mixed martial arts federation recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia.

The successful hosting of the 1st Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship has injected new vitality into the field of mixed martial arts in Asia and has created a springboard to elevate the standing and recognition of the sport of mixed martial arts in Asia and around the world.