The 2024 China Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was officially launched on April 9th. The competition is jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology and the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with the theme of “Leading by Innovation Dreaming the Future”. The competition has 14 regions worldwide, and participants and teams will compete on five tracks: life and health, digital economy, green and low-carbon, advanced manufacturing, future industries, and cultural creativity.

It is understood that the organizer of the third region of the 2024 China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Thailand) is Nanning Beibu Gulf Oracle Bay Co., Ltd. Recently, the third division (Thailand) has entered the project solicitation stage, and has sent invitation letters to global talents to encourage qualified individuals or teams to participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship projects and share the achievements of scientific and technological development.

The registration time of the third division (Thailand) is from April to May, and the preliminary examination stage begins in early June. The promotion project will participate in the third division competition held in Bangkok, Thailand in the middle of June. The final and award ceremony will be scheduled to be held in Nanning, Guangxi in July, and project exhibitions and other related supporting activities at the same time.

After the competition, according to the matching situation of the local docking needs in the early stage, we will jointly hold a number of special activities with the hot cities of industrial innovation, invite project representatives to participate in the activities, conduct project docking negotiations, promote the implementation of projects, and continue to carry out project docking and tracking services.

The competition adopts the way of “competition instead of evaluation”, and sets up the first, second and third prizes and winning prizes. Participating in the competition can also get science and technology managers, fund investment, bank credit, policy support, entrepreneurship training and other services.

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